Couples Therapy

Please contact me for my current rates. I am glad to offer a reduced rate for a limited number of clients during times of economic hardship.

Forms: If you would like to save time during our first session, feel free to download and print the following forms. They will also be available to fill out at my office.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What if my partner or I want to see you individually?

I highly recommend going to individual counseling while also going to couples therapy. When I see couples I do not typically see the partners individually unless I am seeing both partners in individual sessions, or unless there are special circumstances. A couples session will not begin until both partners are present. If one cannot make the appointment it is considered a cancelled session. This ensures that the primary relationship I have with you is as a couple and keeps me neutral and available for the both of you.

How often do you see a couple and for how long?

I typically see couples every week, however after the first couple of months we will assess how weekly sessions are going and at that point I may recommend that we either continue weekly sessions, to reduce sessions to every other week, or to discontinue counseling.

Are you going to tell my partner and me how we should be a couple?

It is not my role to tell you what I think you should do, or how I think you should be in a relationship. I will assist you to discover and understand what type of relationship you really want to have. I will bring in relational methods of communicating, and some of the research that is out there to assist in this process.

What if my partner or I need individual therapy or are in individual therapy with someone else?

Great! As stated before, I highly recommend going to individual counseling while in couples therapy. After the initial consultation, if you are not in individual therapy I would be glad to refer you to another therapist. I may request to consult with your current therapist to build continuity with the work we are already doing.